More Praise For DeSimone Jewelers

Dear Nick, Will, and Lou:
Thank you all for creating a beautiful wedding band for me! Prior to going to your place, I shopped around and the quality and price of the ring you created for me is unsurpassed. Looking forward to getting the second band someday ūüôā I'll definitely send more customers your way!
Jessica Huff Tastefully Simple Team Leader
(215) 313-5387

Dear Lou,
I want to again thank you for the wonderful work you did in creating this exquisite diamond necklace for me, a tribute to my mother who passed away last year. Words can not really express how much I LOVE wearing this piece, everyday that is. Truly, my necklace is treasured in more ways than you can imagine. It represents the classy woman that my mom was; though you never met her, your creativity and work absolutely depict just how much beauty my mom possessed. You and Will are the best...thank you so very much for my special keepsake!
Warmest regards,

Dear DeSimone Jewelers,
I would like to express my greatest thanks to all of you guys at DeSimone Jewelers. When I first came to DeSimone Jewelers, I was clueless on jewelry let alone engagement rings. Basically Arab. Will sat me down and explained thoroughly each of the diamonds that would suite my now fiancée Rachel and I. He explained every aspect of the four C's top to bottom and the importance of each. Will is extremely knowledgeable and easy going which allows him to translate your ideas in to art work. Therefore I was able to make a perfect choice and a perfect choice it turned out to be. Will's son and personal friend of mine, Nick, then had me look at a few band designs that he had been thinking about since I first mentioned to him that I wanted to ask Rachel to marry me and that I was serious about it. Out of the 4 designs he came up with, all 4 were impeccable. Each had its own unique elegance and beauty. It's absolutely astonishing what he can do with the cad program.

With the help of Will, Lou, and Nick I was able to decide on a round cut diamond and a Cathedral band that was perfect for Rachel's style and personality. A forever classy style band that allows the beautiful diamond to sparkle and speak for itself. The precision of Lou's work really reflects his years of experience in the business and his personality makes you feel at home. Your mind is at ease when he is making the cuts on any piece of jewelry, hands down. I asked Rachel to marry me on the beach of Duck, North Carolina; the only light out was the moon and diamond. I've never seen someone so happy in my life and that is something that will remain in my heart forever. Her family was on vacation with friends at my family's house down there. We met them out after at the Sunset Bar and Grille and everyone was unsure if I went through with it until Rachel's ring walked into the room.

They were in the back of the place and from across the room I seen faces light up. They saw that ring sparkle from across the room. Her ring has had as many compliments as I had detentions in grade school. I wouldn't expect anything else from DeSimone Jewelers. All in all, you guys have given me the most pleasurable experience a person could ask for in the engagement ring process. I recommend your work to any and all I come across as soon as I hear the word jewelry. I look forward to getting our wedding bands done with you guys and many other pieces that my soon to be wife deserves for person she is. Thank you for everything you have done for me with much love. Daniel
Your lifelong customer and friend,
 Daniel D'Amico

Dear DeSimone Jewelers,
I would like to provide feedback on the wonderful experience I had ordering a custom-made men's wedding band from DeSimone¬†Jewelry! The process was very smooth and prompt. Will DeSimone was very polite and helpful, he understood exactly what I wanted and the ring was finished faster than I expected! I didn't even need to come in to the store until the day the ring was ready. The finished product was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I called and then emailed Will a description of what I was looking for. He quickly sent me a photo draft of my ring that I wanted and gave me an affordable price quote. Will also informed me of ways that I could save on cost, which I appreciated.¬† When I went to pick up the ring, the other staff at the shop were very helpful and even steam cleaned my engagement ring while I waited ūüôā I could not ask for better service and again the ring is perfect!
I will definitely come again.
Thanks so much DeSimone Jewelry!!

 Dear DeSimone Jewelers,
I would like to express my greatest thanks to Will for all his help in the engagement ring shopping process. I had gone to generic jewelry stores in the mall and other places, and honestly felt like I was at a car dealership with the way they tried negotiating with me. After telling someone about the issues I was having, they referred me to Will. Being in grad school at Virginia Tech, it was hard to meet with him in person, so my Mom went in to initially meet with him. I remember the phone call I received from her after her first visit to him.

Dear Will,
 I had simply a great experience dealing with DeSimone Jewelers. Your expansive knowledge accompanied by unlimited imagination helps Will DeSimone and associates create new worlds to place on your fiancé's finger. With over a million people served these modern day he-men have truly become masters of the diamond universe. You say you want to give her the world... Go to DeSimone jewelers and keep good on your promise, they certainly do!"
Thanks very much,
 Matt McMonigle

Will and team,
 I want to thank you again for such a positive experience in helping me to create the engagement ring that I had envisioned. With very little knowledge here, I appreciated both your honesty and your expertise in making sure that I was going to get something beautiful, and the ring ultimately exceeded even my highest hopes or expectations. You not only worked hard to understand precisely what I was looking for in terms of style and size, but you also guided me with your own design flairs to make something more unique and inevitably more special.

I know I had a lot of questions, and you always had confident answers" - which made the process that much more comfortable for me. That my fiance loved the ring was truly the reward for me.

Lastly, I just want to say that I will absolutely recommend you and your team to anyone that's looking for a similar experience.
All the best,

I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful job you did with this ring! I'm very pleased with it! See you soon for the Wedding Band! This time it should be easy... I promise I wont be a pain ūüôā
Thanks again!

Dear Will,
 I love the ring, necklace and earrings, but especially my ring. I think Jim was hoping he could wear it he was so excited. Its absolutely gorgeous, I can't wait to show it off.
Thanks again for such an exquisite piece of Jewelry.
Donna M. Cunningham
Philadelphia, Pa