Praise for DeSimone Jewelers

These are just a few of letters we receive quite often about our work...

Dear DeSimone Jewelers,
I was looking to find the perfect ring for our engagement. My soon to be fiancée had definite criteria for what we were looking for. We have resided in Arizona for the past 8 years, but are originally from Philadelphia. After shopping several jewelers out here, and just not being content with what we were finding I spoke to my brother who still resides in Philadelphia about where he purchased his ring. He informed me that we was referred to Will DeSimone from his boss who has bought from DeSimone for years. My brother took this referral and in fact purchased his engagement and wedding band from Will and the team. He also years later would again go to Will to upgrade the original ring. With this I contacted Will and gave him the specific qualities we were looking for.

David Carrie, Very Happy CustomersWill diligently searched for several weeks all across the country to find the perfect stone for what we wanted at our price point. I sent Will diamond specs of specific stones we looked at locally here. Will sent photos of the selected stone along with its traits and completed a 3 dimensional CAD drawing of what the stone would look like in the setting we chose. Being 3000 miles apart all of this was done on the phone and in email. Despite this I felt comfortable the whole time making this major decision, because the information I was given from Will left nothing to be doubted. His passion and excitement to create exactly what we wanted was evident through the whole process and sometimes might have even exceeded mine. You could tell he loves doing what he does, and takes enormous pride in his craft. 3 days before Christmas (proposal was set for Xmas Eve I went to his showroom with my parents to see the ring in person for the first time. When he opened the box it was gorgeous and thought my mother was going to fall over. After several minutes of admiring the work, and the beautiful ring which was made Will asked if he could take it to the back and re clean it so it would be as pristine and stunning for the proposal as when we first saw it which he did. All told the entire experience from beginning to end was completely enjoyable and informative. Will and his team at DeSimone are fantastic, professional and truly put themselves, and their pride and craftsmanship into what they do.

It’s on order and haven’t received it yet, but the matching band is in progress with Will, and I am sure will be the perfect complement to the engagement ring in every way. Even my mother plans on seeing Will for her upgrade in the near future as my parents will soon be celebrating their 35th. My father made sure to add DeSimone in his contacts when the time comes. We would not hesitate to ever send any of our friends or family to DeSimones for whatever piece they are looking to buy. Even the ones 3000 miles away here in Arizona. Besides all the accolades I listed which are all that really matter in getting someone the perfect something is this last one I left out. "DeSimone crushed the price of all the retail shops we visited here in Arizona", and the quality and experience was far superior.
Dave and Caroline

Dear Will,
When my husband, then boyfriend Tom and I talked about marriage I ran right out and looked at rings until I thought I had found the perfect one. I told Tom how much it would cost (well over budget of course), I begged and pleaded telling him it was exactly what I had always dreamed of when I was a little girl. Tom told me to stop fussing about the ring and that I needed to put a little trust in his decision, he had an idea of what I liked and he will pick out a great ring for me, needless to say I was a little worried.

Rings on Hands by DeSimone Jewelers

On October 31, 2009, while playing a game of “Go Fish” Tom asked me to be his wife, first I saw this shiny redwood box and inside nestled between the white fabric was to most unique, one of a kind, sparkling ring-my ring. I was in complete shock and awe of this gorgeous piece of jewelry, I had never seen a ring like mine and I have yet to see one to this day. Every surface of my ring is covered in delicate details, my diamonds sparkle, and my setting, along with the whole ring have an estate, antique feeling and look to it. When I asked Tom about where he found the ring he told me that he designed it, him along with Will and the guys at DeSimone Jewelers worked together to create my one of a kind ring. I was smitten with my sparkler and I knew that Tom really did know what I wanted the whole time!!

On April 2, 2011 Tom and I got hitched, of course we first went back to DeSimone’s to get both of our wedding bands; my wedding band was created to match and fit together with my engagement ring. I can wear both together or separate if I choose. I have to say though; the road to the wedding band was not smooth, when we first got them my wedding band, about a week before the wedding the two did not match up, we explained everything to the guys and they told me not to worry, it will be fixed and ready to go ASAP! I told them I had complete trust in them, which I do.

The wedding went off without a hitch, my rings are perfect!! We have nothing but awesome things to say about Will and the guys there at DeSimone Jewelers, my rings are the most beautiful pieces I have ever owned, and every day I get to wear art on my finger. Will and his team are the greatest; every time we go in there they have nothing but smiles on their faces and a welcoming word for us. They are great people who will do just about anything to make sure that their customers are happy. Every time someone mentions anything about jewelry I can now say, “Hey, I got a guy!”

By the way, Tom also got a ring from DeSimone, he decided to go with a Tungsten ring because he’s a guy and needs something “sturdy”, but the selling point on his design was the name…Stealth. Now he refers to himself as in “Stealth Mode”.
Stephenie and Tom McGurn

Dear Will,
I would like to express my greatest thanks to Will for all his help in the engagement ring shopping process. I had gone to generic jewelry stores in the mall and other places, and honestly felt like I was at a car dealership with the way they tried negotiating with me. After telling someone about the issues I was having, they referred me to Will. Being in grad school at Virginia Tech, it was hard to meet with him in person, so my Mom went in to initially meet with him. I remember the phone call I received from her after her first visit to him. The first thing she said was, "This is our guy." She said Will had taught her more about jewelry and diamonds than she had ever known in her whole life in under a half hour. After hearing this, I made a 6 hour trip up from Virginia Tech into Philadelphia just to meet with Will myself.

I had an idea of what I wanted and brought a picture with me. He custom made my engagement ring in platinum, and the price was thousands less than anything I had heard from any "jewelry expert" in the mall. It was obvious in the way he dealt with me and his interactions with other customers that he isn't in it for just the sale. He really wants his customers to get exactly what they want, and in my case, wanted me to get the best quality diamond I could get. The quality diamond I got for my engagement ring was LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than anything I was shown in the generic jewelry stores. When the ring was completely finished and I came in to see it, I was astonished. It was better than I could have ever expected. Will himself was overly excited about the way it came out, saying it was one of the nicest rings he's ever made. The day after I picked up the finished product, my now fiance and I left for Cancun.

Three days later I proposed to her on the beach! We took about 250 pictures on our trip, and I would say about 100 ! of those were of her taking a picture of her ring! She absolutely loves it! Will, thank you so much for all your help. You have life-long customers in us for ALL our jewelry needs now and I've already begun referring friends and family members to you.
Thank you for making a once in a lifetime moment for me absolutely prefect with the perfect ring!

Drew Carney & Danielle Sherman

Dear Will,
 I wanted to write to thank you for the gorgeous engagement ring you designed for me via my boyfriend (now fiance) CJ Purtill. You may remember him as the pain in the neck who came back to you a thousand times to replicate my grandmother's vintage 1930s ring. I just wanted to let you know that you got it perfect - I absolutely love the ring and its more than I could have ever asked for. CJ shared with me how much time you spent with him to customize the ring and I wanted to let you know how much I (and of course CJ) appreciates the final result. Everyone is in awe at how beautiful the ring is, and my mom can't believe how much it resembles my grandmother's ring that she wears today in her memory. CJ and I thank you for your time and patience in designing the engagement ring that I always imagined.
Best wishes,
Chelsea & CJ

Dear Will and Lou,
 My name is Sandra Harris. My sister, Andrea Weisgerber, and I called your store on Thursday, May 7th, and the following day, Friday, May 8th, we visited your store. On both occasions Lou waited on us. My sister and I agree that Lou has superior customer service skills. He was knowledgeable and informative. He patiently answered all our questions. Lou was genuinely interested in helping us, and he did. He treated us with sincerity, and even though it was a little job, nothing we asked was too much trouble or too time consuming for him to explain. The DeSimone Jewelry Store was busy, (it was the last Friday before Mothers’ Day) Lou patiently explained our options and waited while we decided. Because of the excellent service we received with our earrings, we will certainly use DeSimone Jewelers in the future for all of our jewelry needs.
Thank you for going above and beyond.
Your future lifelong customers,
 Andrea Weisgerbe & Sandra Harris


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