DeSimone Ladies Wedding Bands

DeSimone Jewelers PhiladelphiaLet our Design Staff guide you in choosing a beautiful mate to your Engagement Ring. We focus on balance and symmetry without overpowering your existing design. Instead of competing with your Engagement Ring we compliment it at a price that will rival the generics found in most jewelry stores!

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Our Recommended Cleaning Technique is quite easy…

  • First you must obtain an enamel clad pot 1 or 1.5 Qt size works best. You will want to open a kitchen window or use a good vented exhaust during this procedure.
  • Pour a skim coat of Mr. Clean liquid into the pot followed by tap water until the pot is slightly more than half filled. Be sure to check that your sink drain is securely closed.
  • Now for the fun part, put the pot containing the Mr Clean and water on the stove and fire it up.
  • You are now ready to drop the engagement ring into the pot. No need to worry as your diamonds and ring can withstand much more heat than any stove can muster. It should take about 5 minutes or so to come to a boil. This is what will loosen any particles in those hard to get at areas of your ring. You must not leave the ring unattended at any time during this process.
  • Once boiling the solution will evaporate rapidly so lower the heat to a simmer after it reaches the boiling temperature.
  • You are now ready to fish the ring out of the pot carefully and rinse it under hot water to clean out any residue left behind from the boil out process.
  • At this point we recommend putting the cleaned ring in a dish cloth or towel and rolling the towel up and around the ring to form a whip with which to remove any excess water under the diamonds.This will help avoid water spots.
  • Your ring is now ready to wear bright and shiny.

This may seem like a great deal of trouble for a ring cleaning, but it literally will take about 5 minutes at most to produce wonderful results. *Be aware that this process is not recommended for soft gemstones such as emeralds, opals, amethyst, onyx or pearls as they do not take well to high temperatures or detergents.